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17 September 2012

Home-made face mask: yay or nay?

Hey everyone!

Last night I was in serious need of some TLC - I was so tired, not at all looking forward to going back to school and breaking out. On a whim, I decided to make my own face mask.
Yes, I know, it sounds horrible and trashy but actually, using home-made stuff is really good for you!
But which one should I make?
With no avocado, or anything fancy like that, I reached for the massive tin of porridge oats that we have sitting at the back of the breakfast cupboard. Yup. Porridge. 
I put that in a bowl and mixed in some yoghurt and honey. Stirred it, yada yada, and voila! A real live home-made face mask! I was so proud of my work that has only cost 2 minutes of my time!
And what was it like...?


Yep, it looks pretty disgusting but in actual fact it was quite nice and cooling to apply and my skin felt amazingly soft and radiant afterwards; even my mum commented on it! However, it was really difficult to keep it from falling off my face which was quite a hassle and a bit of a sticky mess.

But all in all, I really enjoyed the whole experience of making and wearing my very own face mask and I seriously recommend it to you!
There are all sorts you can do, avocado, banana, even baking soda apparently helps with anti-ageing...
But that was it for today, au revoir!


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