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18 September 2012

BarryM hype!

Lip gloss 'Toffee' - Waterproof eye-liner 'Old Black' - Nail paint 'Cappuccino' - Lipstick '151 Sunset'


So far this month I've been through a fair few products, but the brand that has really stood out to me as my favourite is BarryM. I have quite a collection of their nail varnishes and two of their brushes, but I'd never before properly looked at their wider range of stuff. So here I'm just going to mention 4 things that I've been absolutely loving in September.

First of all, this lip gloss in the shade 'Toffee', a beautiful nude-y brown with subtle shimmer.

The packaging is simple, but not too tacky

It smells exactly like toffee (obviously) which I love

It isn't sticky at all but lovely and smooth to apply

The only thing is, it doesn't last that long on my lips, which is a shame

All in all, I love everything about this lip gloss, the smell, the texture, the packaging and  gorgeous sheen it gives my lips. The only let down is that it is quite sheer and doesn't make a whole lot of difference to my lips and because of this it seems to wear off quite quickly. But for £4.49 it is pretty good and I love wearing it.

Next up is the Waterproof Eyeliner in 'Old Black', the deepest, most pigmented eyeliner I have ever seen.

The packaging itself is not that bad, only the plastic it was packaged in annoyed me slightly. It was a real pain to take off and so the lid of the eyeliner ended up thrown away which is why I had replace it with an old one 

It came sharpened but the nib fell off as soon as I tried it out, so I had to sharpen it again..

Moans over though, it is the best black waterproof eyeliner I have ever tried. Ever.

This is so ridiculously pigmented and smooth and after it has set it doesn't move at all (It claims to stay for up to 8 hours!) The bottom half of the right picture is smudged straight after I swatched it and the top half is after I'd left it about 30 seconds. It's amazing and at £3.99, I don't think you can go wrong!

And penultimately we have the newly released nail paint 'Cappuccino', a lovely minky brown/purple colour. 

Comes in the famous BarryM nail paint packaging; sturdy and  well sized

However, they did spell 'Cappucino' wrong...

Applies okay, the first coat was a little streaky but another coat evened it out nicely

It has a bit of a muddy and lived-in quality to it, which I personally love!
This new nail paint has definitely been a success for me, and I hope others like it too! They have a huge range of colours, so I seriously suggest you check them out if you haven't already. By the way, it looks like it is a really good dupe for OPI's 'You Don't Know Jaques' but much more reasonably priced at £2.99.

And last but most certainly not least it is the lipstick in '151 Sunset', a beautiful coral perfect for late summer.

The packaging's not that bad - nice and simple, but quite plasticy.

The colour is so gorgeous. It's the perfect shade between orange, red  and hot-pink and can be worn as a statement lip or very sheerly as a stain.

It has a slightly weird, chalky smell to it, but that disappears as soon as it's applied. 

It applies quite smoothly, but I find that I need to moisturise my lips first in order to stop them getting dry. It lasts very well, although I would recommend taking it with you during the day.

I absolutely love this lipstick and it's bringing me back into the mood for wearing bold colours in the autumn. If you're slightly scared of wearing a statement lip, this is the perfect in-between colour for you - especially if you still have a bit of a tan from summer. This retails for just £4.49 so pretty good! They also have a huge range of colours, even, so definitely check them out.

That's it for my BarryM rant!
Definitely have a look at the line if you ever get the change, all the products are pretty good quality for the prices they charge and they have a massive variety of stuff so it's most certainly worth a look.
I hope you found this useful:)

Bye guys!