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19 July 2013

What am I thinking?!

Okay, so in my last post I mentioned that one of the things I would really love to do this summer is to start an active YouTube channel, and guess what? I now actually have.

I filmed and edited my first proper video yesterday and if I'm honest, I'm petrified. This could go so horribly wrong in so many ways, but I feel like this would be a great thing for me to do. I just hope that I won't give up too easily, and that I get an okay response :) 

Thanks so much for all of you guys for being there, for reading and commenting, I appreciate it so so much! 

So here it is....another thing I can cross off my list!


1 comment:

  1. Wow Ciska!!!! I have seen your first 2 videos on YouTube and they are great! Please do more!!
    From Issy. xx