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30 September 2013

GCSE's to A-Levels: The Jump

Oh. My. Goodness. It's been too long.


So about a month ago I started sixth form (which, if you don't live in the UK is the part of school you're in when you're 16-18) and I thought I was into it enough to be able to do a blog post about it for those of you in this position or coming up to it.

Just to say, this post isn't personal to the specific sixth form I'm at, just my experience of the jump from GCSE's to A-Levels. 

I made the decision to stay at school sixth form, mainly because I'd already moved 2 years before and, if I'm honest, didn't really want to move again. Plus, most of my friends were staying and it just seemed like the best decision for me to stay. It definitely was. All the teachers know me, the subjects are familiar and staying has made that transitional phase that little bit easier.

For those who want to know, I am studying English Literature, Religious Studies, French and History. I am definitely a humanities girl; I was never really into maths or science and I am so so so glad I have left those subjects behind for good. 

Right. Let's talk about the jump. I was expecting it to be about a 4/10 on the difficulty scale. The fact that I would be surrounded by the familiarity of my school definitely made me feel like it was going to be a whole lot easier. However, the jump was still enormous. In my first week of school I was under an insane amount of homework, assignments and research tasks and I was just overwhelmed. 

The main difference for me was definitely the realisation that I can no longer pretend. I can't pretend to pay attention, do the work at home or revise. If you slack, it is going to catch up with you, and that's definitely not a position you want to be in. It's mainly because you have chosen to do those subjects, they are supposed to be the 4 subjects you love the most and are the best at and, potentially, want to do for the rest of your life. You're EXPECTED to keep on top of things and not let the amount of work catch up with you. It was very surreal, and it still is. I never thought it would be such a difference. However, I definitely think that staying at my school made a huge difference.  

I am the world's worst procrastinator and my worst habit by far is convincing myself is that I don't need to do something straight away. I hate it about myself but I personally think it's all down to organisation. I've started this thing where every Sunday evening I go through my diary and all the homework I haven't done for that week yet and plan it all in.
If you're in sixth form or college, you probably have free periods.
They're the best way to make sure you stay on top of your work and make sure you can still relax at the weekend.

I'm sorry this was such an 'all over the place' post but I really needed to write a blogpost.. I will probably make a video about this giving more advice and expanding a bit.
If you have any requests, questions or whatever please comment down below, I would appreciate it! 


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