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17 March 2013

I love a lot of things

I was wondering what to write and I asked my amazing friend for advice and after some long debating, she told me to write about something I love.

♥ I love it when my room has just been tidied

♥ I love it when the shower is the perfect temperature

♥ I love it when shuffle reads my mind

♥ I love the feeling of waking up because of the sun shining through my curtains

♥ I love eating that first bite of food when I haven't eaten all day

♥ I love really tight hugs

♥ I love it when the clock hits 3.30 on a Friday afternoon of school

♥ I love it when I wake up and realise that I can lie in today

♥ I love the feeling of playing a piano piece perfectly all the way through

♥ I love getting in to a bed with clean sheets

♥ I love music that just makes you feel like you can do anything

♥ I love knowing that God loves me no matter what

♥ I love looking out of my window and seeing a clear blue sky

♥ I love spending time with my family when all of us are in a great mood

♥ I love stretching in the morning

♥ I love it when my dad tells me I'm great

♥ I love the smell of fresh washing that's still wet - it's heaven

♥  I love tea that is made with the perfect amount of milk and sugar

♥ I love re-reading a good book and discovering new things I hadn't noticed before

♥ I love it when people close my door without me asking them to

♥ I love drinking water when I'm thirsty

♥ I love it when someone or something genuinely makes me laugh

♥ I love it when someone really wants to know how I'm feeling

♥ I love it when I can be myself with people

♥ I love it when my mum laughs at my jokes  

♥ I love the moment when you can say "it's not even that cold any more" when you're swimming in the sea

♥ I love that surge of motivation I get once in a while

♥ I love knowing that someday I will be independent

♥ I love the feeling of finishing something

♥ I love making something beautiful

♥ I love it when I write the date and my handwriting actually looks nice for once

♥ I love being somewhere or seeing something that puts everything into perspective

♥ I love the thrill of doing something new

♥ I love this song