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31 December 2012

2013? Bring it on.


Disclaimer: this post contains contradictions, things that don't make sense and will be confusing. I just typed it and hit the publish button so hopefully it contains some sort of meaning within it. If not - oh well.

First of all, I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and all got what you wanted out of the day. I for one had a lovely time with my family and friends and am now ready to face the new year.

So all kinds of TAGs and posts have been popping up all over the place about 2013 and everywhere people have been saying "I'm actually going to keep my resolutions this year" and "I'm seriously going to change this year" and stuff like that. Are you one of those people? Because I certainly am.

I don't really get why, but it seems that when there is an opportunity for a fresh start, it has to be a big thing. I make lists and give myself motivational talks in the mirror and tell myself "2013 is my year!". It's the prospect of it being a whole year that makes me so excited - it's such a long time and it's such a big thing and the idea that that big thing could be all mine to change in just gets me.
But this is also the downfall I suppose. In one year, so much happens that it swamps us and all of a sudden we're up to our eyebrows in stress and work and we'll maybe put on the few extra pounds that we promised we wouldn't only a few months ago. 

Why do we never say "Monday is my day" or even "2pm is my hour!"? Is it because there's something special and more thrilling about not being realistic? The fact that we could actually achieve something more difficult is somehow more motivating

All I am saying is that we are the only ones who can make it our year. There's no use saying that this new year will be amazing if we aren't going to work at it! This time next year I want to look at my old new years resolutions and think - yeah, I kept them because I wanted to and because I made it happen. 

To be perfectly honest, I have no idea what I just wrote; I just type-vomited and wrote what I was thinking without really knowing whether it even makes sense. I just hope that it got you thinking and hopefully will inspire you to make 2013 your year, even though it throws crap at you.

I love you guys, and hopefully, this time next year I will still be writing for my little piece on the internet and will be able to reflect on all the blessings that 2013 has brought and be ready for 2014!

Have a good night, enjoy yourself, don't get too plastered (you'll want to be able to remember it in the morning!) and I'll see you in 2013!!


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