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8 October 2012

The perfect version of yourself..?

Hey everyone!

As some of you might know, I'm in year 11 now and facing the oh-so-terrifying prospect of, wait for it...GCSE's. Some of you who have already been there might think I'm being ridiculous stressing out about mere GCSE's but honestly, I am slightly freaking out.

So I'm nervous about exams, that's fine, but I can't help but worry that I'm not going to get as good as people expect me to; that I won't exceed their expectations, to put it in Harry Potter terms. You see, I'm a massive people pleaser (aside from my family. Sorry guys.) and I can't stand the feeling of disappointment, not directed at other people, but directed at me.

It's always been a huge point of anxiety for me, that I won't make others proud. In some ways it does push you to do better, but in others it can really get you down. I sometimes just wish that I could be the perfect version of myself - I could still me me but without all the flaws and disappointments. Do you ever feel like that?

It's so hard to accept that it's okay not to be perfect and it's okay to have flaws. Learn from them and most importantly, embrace them. They are part of who you are and without them, you just wouldn't be you.

But it's easier said than done, right?

For me, there's such a barrier between thinking 'yeah, I'll just do my best and at least I couldn't have done any better' and actually accepting that. However, if you do try your best, nobody can ask for anything more. So what if your teachers are disappointed? As long as you make yourself proud and happy because there's nothing worse than being disappointed in yourself. 

So, if this post made any sense to you what so ever, then I hoped it helped somewhat. If not, then I hope it was a pleasant read and now you can go and move on with your life. 
Feel free to drop me a comment guys, I'd love to know who is actually reading my blog and what you think of it.


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